Dell Office

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Entry Description

Dell new working model consist meeting hub, focus room, hot desks and team room, in additional to individual working area is realized in this project Communication is the most important organized aspect for new offices nowadays. The collective intelligence and enthusiasm can be promoted by establishing an environment to promote the need of private space and creating a positive and pleasant atmosphere. Meeting hub is a central core area where people can meet, chat and encourage having social integration among the staff. Short, spontaneous meetings among colleagues can be held here, which provides a relaxed and inviting environment. Sofa with tables and chairs are scattered here to invite a break here. Multiplicities of spatial structures include individual, group, and open-scheme office and multi-purpose areas to work together in a variety of methods and in flexible configurations. Colors are employed to project a vivid ambience in the workspace, in which vibrant, warm tone colors such as orange, yellow, and lime to enhance the spatial quality and create a high-energy feel. Other than these bright colors, the overall office is composed of a neutral tone of monochrome.

About Designer

DPWT Design Ltd aims to explore new possibilities in different design realm, including Architecture, Interior, and Product design and blending the different domains in a synchronizing state. It has been manifesting design realization in architecture and interior projects in a thoughtful process and balances the aesthetic and functional values. Each project is being treated as an individual expression of some hidden human sensitivities /perception. DPWT Design Director-Arthur studied architecture in University of Hong Kong and received his Master of Environmental and Sustainable Design in Chinese University of Hong Kong and Master of Fine Arts in RMIT University. His works is widely published in London, Italy, Australia, and throughout Asia in Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China and Hong Kong. He was invited to feature his works in 1000 architects in Australia. He engages in different overseas and local exhibitions and currently a Doctor of Fine Art candidate in RMIT University. DPWT has office in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai.