Lifecycle GX

Prize3rd Place in Outdoor And Exercise Equipment / Exercise Equipment
Entry Description

The Lifecycle GX group cycle makes the experience of stationary group cycling enjoyable, motivating and effective. It‘s a fusion of technology and design, meeting the unique needs of users, trainers, and club owners for a highly favored fitness activity in commercial clubs. This bike offers a solid combination of functional affordances and visual semantics. FUNCTIONAL AFFORDANCES: USER • Seat and handle bars with vertical and horizontal adjustment; allows every user their human factors fit via easy access knobs • Ideal pedal width • Stretching pad • Ergonomic cycling seat cut-out; comfort and air flow • Ergonomic handlebar; comfort and variable grip positions • Dual water bottle receptacles / digital device holders; easy access • Dual-sided pedals; accommodates athletic shoes and SPD pedal clips • Touch Screen workout computer; displays speed, distance, cadence, calories, time, heart rate, resistance level, percent of MAX Heart Rate • Manual Resistance lever linked to the display; tactile and visual feedback plus emergency stop TRAINER • Manual Resistance linked to the display; allows trainers to request variable resistance throughout the session • Console feedback; displaying percent of Heart Rate MAX, allowing instructors to create innovative classes using heart rate zones CLUB OWNER • Minimizing the frequency of maintenance; sweat protective shrouding, zinc-coated steel frame, rear fly wheel located out of the “sweat zone”, premium magnetic brake and multi-ribbed belt drive. • Tested, robust build VISUAL SEMANTICS: • A departure in aesthetics; differentiator for brand-conscious gyms • Angled stance / forward overhang; a visual sense of motion in stasis • Rear flywheel; supporting the “tour-bike” semantic vs. the traditional “saw horse” design of competitors, achieving the perceived balance between a motion bike and a robust stationary bike. • Red accent colors / graphics; reinforcing a touring bike energy