D900 Cube v1.5

ClientDavid O'Driscoll
DesignerNathan Moffat
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
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Entry Description

The award-winning D900 Cube is the world’s first square LED downlight that produces a square-shaped light beam. This revolutionary beam shape allows for precise aesthetic alignment with straight-edge spaces, leading to unprecedented efficiency in lighting design. Enabling light to spread more evenly in a room, the D900 Cube’s square beam means fewer lights are needed than ever before to light a space. No longer are there overlapping beams in one area, with dull shadows in the others, which can occur with common circular beams. Brightgreen’s D900 Cube was designed in Australia with the goal of creating an energy-efficient lighting solution that not only provided adequate brightness comparable to halogens, but also was architecturally and aesthetically satisfying. Operating on only 16 watts, the D900 Cube boasts a brightness of 903 lumens, matching the light output of a premium 50W halogen on one third of the power. Its long lifetime of 70,000 – amounting to about 30 years of household use – is protected by 4000 volt surge protection and in-built thermal monitoring, which dims the light when it becomes too hot. The D900 Cube is so efficient that at the end of its product life, it will have saved 2590 kilowatt hours when compared to halogen lights – the equivalent to running your washing machine once a week for nearly 30 years. The D900 Cube contains no heavy metals and can be disassembled by hand, with all parts completely recyclable. When matched with its high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 90, the light quality of the D900 Cube reigns supreme when compared to other energy efficient lighting types, such as compact fluorescents, which have a CRI of just 50. Its high CRI allows people and furnishings to look their best, and colours their most vibrant.