Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / New Residential Building
Entry Description

This scheme has been planned for the downtown in Miyazaki, located in Southern Japan. The road in front is so busy and noisy, and there are tall buildings for residence at the south. Considering all these factors, I came up with a brilliant idea to harmonize with the circumstances having a piece of white plate wrap the whole home space. With the white plate, the house can get separated from outer crowdedness, while sun light is allowed to come into the courtyard, which makes inner space warm and brighter.

About Designer

1981: Born in Miyazaki, Japan 1999-2003: Bachelor of Architecture from the Kinki University 2003-2005: Master of Architecture from the Kinki University 2005-2008: Kubota Architect Atelier / Yamaguchi 2008- : Doctor of Architecture from the Hiroshima University 2010- : Established Tsukano Architect Office