ClientMark Hayes
Prize2nd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

Our in-house design and packaging teams worked collaboratively with the Continuum agency to design and create a “glass case”-type packaging to showcase our Ultralife accessory products like objet d’art. We felt strongly that the packaging needed to reflect the same attributes as the Ultralife accessories themselves: slim, honest, sophisticated, simple, desired. The packaging was designed to subtly and beautifully highlight the products, with minimal obstruction. Being able to showcase the products’ delicate details—the design elements and material-- was crucial. Structurally, the packaging needed to both stand on its own and hang on a peg. The most obvious design accent of the Ultralife accessory line is the slanted opening, which is not only a unique aesthetic but is functional in attaching the accessory to a travel bag or clothing. We carried this design element into the hanging mechanism by incorporating a circle that allows the packaging to hang, in addition to being a beautiful adornment to the packaging. In the end, we believe we stayed true to the original attributes in creating this aesthetically appealing and apposite packaging.