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The concept is "Living is Sharing." That is to say, we share one, such as space, time, dish, or scene. What embodies the concept most is the long table with 14 seats in the dinning area. The customers seated at the table would happen to share communications, each dishes, and a pleasant time. Also the sliding glass doors clear the border between the bar and deck, and make the customers and workers close. At the entrance, the customers enjoy hot and warm breads directly from the kitchen. We hope that the rough materials, non-painted wood and steel of the wagons, stimulate the customers as if they come to the bread factory, and enjoy a direct purchase. Those who take it out, they can have it on the stone benches in patio along the street. In other words, they can also be advertisement to the passersby. As there is no partition wall inside, it does not take a long time for the customers to get a whole image of the cafe. Although the cafe space is divided into some areas, inside looks spacious and open without any interruptions. The various seats placed in each areas; patio with stone benches, deck with outdoor seats, bakery, bar, main dinning with a long table, bench seats, and low seats. In every area, the eye level is different because of the different floor level, furniture size, or chair height, so that the customers would spend a relaxing time as their eyes would not meet each other. The usage of the intimate materials easily welcomes many customers. For instance, the vintage wooden door is set at the entrance. Non-painted natural wood is used for the wall, furniture, and floor inside. This makes the customers feel closer to the cafe than the usage of the advanced materials.

About Designer

Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro Watabe established MOMENT Inc. in 2005. The projects are wide-ranging as graphic, product, interior, and architecture. Hirawata and Watabe attempt to suggest strong design-message which is not compressed in a category. 2D and 3D is an equal theme to every kinds of design project.