The Story of JCB

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This immersive, 2,500 m2 customer experience at the World Headquarters JCB charts the history and development of the company from its humble beginnings in a rented garage in Utoxetter to an international super brand. Fourteen themed zones, including 16 landmark vehicles and 16 separate AV installations integrated into the display architecture, take the visitor on a journey of design and innovation. Exhibition highlights include a 90 metre long glass topped, an internally illuminated time line running like a spine through the entire length of the exhibition, a giant 12 metre long skeletal model of a JCB JS200 tracked excavator built to scale out of 8mm steel rod and a 5 meter touchscreen product wall.

About Designer

Studio MB are an award winning, interpretive and exhibition design company working with museums and heritage destinations the length of the UK. Founded in March 2004 by Craig Mann and Charlie Barr the company has grown year on year in reputation and in financial strength with 2011's turnover reaching £3M. This steady growth over the last 8 years has allowed us to build a core of senior exhibition and graphic design professionals and establish a flexible talent resource that can meet the unique challenges that each and every project we undertake provides. Our specialist team's experience, expertise and sheer enthusiasm for the interpretation of peoples and places in history is certainly amongst the very best in the UK. However, we never rest on any laurels won, but have the hunger and ambition to constantly improve, ready to make our next project even better than the last. Our aim is to create imaginative and meaningful exhibition experience that lives long the memory of those who visit. Whether the subject is poets, playwrights or authors; Egyptians, Romans or Saxons; Empresses, Tsars or Kings; miners or soldiers; or takes place in cathedrals, churches, cottages, country houses or castles, Studio MB's multi disciplinary team like to get to the very heart of the human narratives and explore the most appropriate, cost effective and creative ways of connecting objects with stories and audience. We like to let the visitor feel the history all around them - to hear, see and touch the past and relate this past to their own present.