Best things in life...

Company8titude (Eightitude) – Design Lab
ClientHikaru Vong
Prize3rd Place in Print / Print Advertising
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Entry Description

Being the finest cigar store with an exquisite art-deco design, The Connoisseur Emporium provides a wide selection of Cuban specialty products, including coffee, rum, beer, cigars, and cigar accessories, targeting at a niche market in Asia-Pacific region. In this project, our team has created a print advertisement that was strategically placed in a lightbox of a shopping mall, directing onlookers to take on this exquisite quest for the finer things. We chose a mafia look-alike man donned in a leather jacket and fedora hat, who exudes an air of mystery and poise. He seems to be holding something in between his fingers, truth be told it was actually an ‘invisible’ cigar. The idea behind it was to avoid explicitly displaying the cigars product on the print ad, and the bent forefinger was used to simulate the man holding a cigar. Consequently, the print ad was tactfully done while retaining subtlety and the incessant tinge of classiness. The tagline “Sometimes the best things in life just can’t be shown” was inspired by Helen Keller’s famous quote of “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart”. It aptly resonates with the ‘invisible’ cigar as ‘the best thing in life’ was being referred to it. Additionally, the black and white hues of the image spurred a whole new retro outlook to the entire print ad, while the sleek typeface and gold letterings garnished it to look more opulent. The print ad has accentuated The Connoisseur Emporium’s brand image as being spectacularly decadent and exclusive for the cigar aficionados, causing heads to turn in the shopping mall. Who says that an old product cannot be advertised in style? Not us anyway.

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