Inborn Revolution…

Company8titude (Eightitude) – Design Lab
ClientHikaru Vong
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Being a specialist in fluoropolymer, RevoSync offers cutting-edge chemical substances to effectively aid industries in developing smooth operations. In order to outline RevoSync’s brand expression as an innovative specialist, our team has adopted a Scandinavian-esque outlook to create a refined and modern brand identity for them. In this identity, the lowercase characters in the wordmark are used with a core focus on the word – “Synchronisation”. By modifying the character ‘O’ into a synchronise icon, it reflects RevoSync’s business mission of working together with the industry to convert complicated industry processes into smooth operations. Consequently, the tint of blue and grey were used to portray RevoSync’s professionalism and expertise, yet not forgetting to provide an edgy punch to the brand’s identity. Together with its identity, our team has also developed its corporate collaterals as a whole set of essential branding kit for their everyday usage.

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