Kyteman Orchestra packaging

CompanyVruchtvlees & Festina Lente Collective
ClientRemy Harrewijn
DesignerCreative direction: Remy Harrewijn Artwork: Demiak Graphic design: Bas Koopmans
PrizeHonorable Mention
Project LinkView
Entry Description

The Kyteman Orchestra is the second album from Dutch musical sensation Colin Benders. We were asked to work on a visual concept and found a partner in painter Maarten Demmink, who we subsequently introduced to graphic designer Bas Koopmans. While listening to the new tracks at Colin’s Kytopia studios, we were immediately seized by the idea to reinvent Pieter Bruegel’s Tower of Babylon for the album visuals. It was the perfect representation for a story that marks the end of one era and the beginning of another, a story filled with as much hope as despair. The limited edition version of the album is the physical embodiment of the visual concept. Inside the box the cover image is divided into three layers – two transparent layers and the background. The idea is that you have dig into Kyteman’s world in order to reach the final stage, the CD itself. So you’re already part of his world before you’ve even listened to the album.