Ice Crack Panty Hose Packaging

DesignerKai-Ming Chan , Chia-Hsiang Chao , Zi-Yun Hsu , Chai-Hsuan Lin
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This is a cultural product of National Palace Museum. The product is panty hose , and it inspires from the collected antique of National Palace Museum. The creative product triggers the image of feet from Longquan Celadon Stove Pot of the Southern Song Dynasty, and stimulates ice crackle pattern from the Ju-Ware Bowl in the shape of Lotus with light bluish-green glaze of the Northern Song Dynasty. Hence, this structure of packaging has four horns , and those symbolizes packaging containing panty hose. The panty hose has ice crackle pattern , so the pattern be a chief element to apply spot varnish pattern on the packaging. The ice crackle pattern utilizes the technique of spot varnishing .The front view of packaging do die cut to cut a foot shape exposing the colour of panty hose to show to the customers to know. Moreover, this packaging has PP coating to enhance its intensity , and the die cut of foot shape can make this packaging to be reused, and be used to a tissue paper container.

About Designer

My name is Kai-Ming Chan , I learned arts and graphic design that influenced my learning processes , therefore , I often use collage and colorful way to compose my works , or using hand drawing combine with images to construct multiple texture feeling . I concern the social issue and environmental problem , so in my works society’s events and environmental pollutions are my subjects .