Prize1st Place in Architecture Categories
Entry Description

Nature eludes us - we are constantly overwhelmed by hectic lives in urban cities; isolated away from natural environments. The conceived project is located in the Antarctic, under the skies of the Northern Lights. The location offers seclusion – allowing the experience of viewing Aurora Lights to be singular and eventful. In relation to the context of the site: form follows nature. The conceived design draws its form from the curves of the Northern aurora lights, attempting to become the extension of the skies itself; resulting in an organic architecture form that expresses the design concept of fluidity and lucidity - reflecting the motion of aurora lights. The design strategy is metamorphosis - an evolutionary process generated from nature. Five spaces are crafted to create a journey that reflects the different stages of metamorphosis. The beginning of the journey where the entrance is signifies "birth"; the restaurant for one to dine signifies "feast"; the hotel rooms for one to sleep over "slumber"; the spas for one to rejuvenate in "revive" and the observatory to view aurora lights in the skies "ascent". A transient journey results; reminiscent of nature itself. The concept of metamorphosis is thus fulfilled; weaving a seamless transition towards the top for men to gaze upon the skies.

About Designer

Interested in exploring prototypes or typologies in architecture as means to deal with issues that have or might plague our way of living in the future in an attempt to fulfil the fundamental purpose of an architect : to improve people's lives.