Comparison in flux

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This project uses the “Comparison in flux” as the design theme. This is the workspace planned for a group of designers. The original building is a polyhedron and restrictions on the building height are in place therefore the design deliberately uses the blank approach to hone an airy feeling, unify the performances from the nature, functionalities and creativities and have them displayed via the space exhibited. It adopts the large-sized window and the atrium allows the light shining indoors. Partial ceiling intentionally retains the naked pipes and wirings left behind within the building. Glass and sliding door serve the partitioning function and create the feeling of passing-through, extension, flux and fun. Conference room is more inclined to functionality satisfaction, besides fully utilizing the space dimensions, but also exhibiting the wide-open atmosphere unique to gallery, exhibition space through the contrasts derived from black and white, real and virtual, dynamic and static. Basic tone is white which runs through the overall available space. Accompanied with black-colored stone materials and metallic door frame, it renders the space with even more depth, signifying the characteristics of human atmosphere, creating the comfortableness and natural tone in addition to a workspace that can breathe.

About Designer

Our company was established since 1988 in Taiwan. We are specializing in residential and showflat design. We are also providing integrated design services, such as indoor and outdoor landscape, interior design, visitors centre interior & building design.