Unparalleled Flexibility: The Future of Gallery Design

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Entry Description

Artify Gallery was established with a vision to build a supportive art platform for emerging artists in Asia. Under this ambitious aim, the space was designed with one core identity - to be universally flexible. From hardware components to technical provisions, every single visible component in the 1500 sq ft. setting is mobile, easily stored and applicable on both sides. Including all exhibit partition walls, the reception station, gift shop shelves, and display drawers, the gallery allows for an extremely versatile ground for traditional hanging exhibitions to contemporary installations. In order to enable this maximum potential of spatial layouts, all technical provisions are concealed and located in the ceiling, thus reducing any conventional planning constraints. The structural ceiling grid is constructed on building grade I-beam, and with the industrial loading capacity of the building, the grid is capable of hanging heavy weight artworks, anything from a table to four cars, giving complete freedom of exhibits to Artify and its artists. This bespoke structural framework also combines the gallery’s background flourescent lighting and its system of flexible location spotlights, forming a highly technical yet visually subtle utility system that allows for a controlled environment, guaranteeing museum standards for climate, accoustics and lighting. The refinement of the exhibition space - with self-levelling screed flooring, plastered white walls and diffused lighting - contrasts with the “found” conditions inherent in the warehouse building - offering a distinct yet fitting minimal-chic aesthetic that respects the industrial environment that supports it. From inception to completion, Ho has sought to redefine the notion of flexibility. In today’s era, where the need for constantly changing exhibition designs is greater than ever, Artify Gallery pushes the boundaries not in articulating space, but in the very act of dearticulating it