Brigaderia Easter Edition 2012

CompanyCasa Rex
ClientGustavo Piqueira
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

To develop a new series of Easter packaging for Brigaderia, a Brazilian confectionery store that sells "brigadeiro" sweets, we have recreated advertising prints from the 50's and the 60's and using the brigadeiro as a focal point. By replacing the popular old products (e.g.: margarine, soap, television set…) with brigadeiros, we created an unusual packaging concept that moves away from traditional Easter editions. The collection is composed of presentation boxes that hold either 12 brigadeiros or 6 mini chocolate eggs, as well as trays for big eggs and stickers for individual packs. Tags with commemorative wording were also created for the prints of the Special Easter Edition.

About Designer

Casa Rex is a design house with operational bases in São Paulo and London. Working on a range of global projects for consumer brands at the same time as free experimentation with ideas, the design house can't-be-boxed in the traditional "agency" or "design studio" terms. To know more, please access: