Merge Table

CompanyOne & Co
ClientOne &
DesignerOne & Co Design Team
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Merge Table takes its name from two slim, continually formed loops of tubular steel that merge together to create a dynamic, elegant and iconic shape. The table comes in three distinct sizes and profiles that are highlighted by a subtly tinted glass top. Conceived as both an outdoor and indoor piece, Merge can be specified in a range of base colors and three shades of glass to fit any d├ęcor and environment. It is a truly versatile piece that can make a bold statement in any living room, dining room, patio or space in-between. In addition to being an easily amenable piece for consumers, Merge represents an evolution towards distinctive designs that are oriented towards production. The base is tubular steel with a powder-coat finish and machined stainless steel connections join the tubes. As such, the table is eminently manufacturable while still retaining an aura of uniqueness.