Windows Phone 8S

CompanyOne & Co
ClientOne &
DesignerOne & Co Design Team
Prize1st Place in Media and Home Electronics
Entry Description

How do you take a two-dimensional software interface and faithfully transform it into a three-dimensional smartphone? Furthermore, how do you embody the simplicity of a user interface experience into something you can hold and feel? These challenges were the driving force behind the concept and design of the HTC Windows Phone 8S. The design team imagined how a smartphone could encapsulate the essence of Microsoft’s Live Tile—an ever- changing, informational tile at the heart of the interface— and bring it to life in a physical form. This was accomplished by creating a square silhouette that reflected the thinness and lightness of the Live Tiles. At the same time, contrasting the linear silhouette with an incredibly soft, pillow-like form gave a human touch that personified the user interface. Windows Phone 8S stays true to the holistic design language with its soft square form and pillowed backside, but with the addition of a playful twist. The smartphone brings a fun color story to the forefront by showing off a bright color "dip", giving the appearance of having been dipped in a bucket of paint. This color contrast creates punchy and stylish color combinations that capture a youthful and expressive demographic. Never before has hardware so perfectly portrayed the spirit of a software interface. The pure, refined form and vibrant colors of the Windows Phone 8S presents a dazzling launch vehicle for an audacious new operating system.