DesignerFlavio Castro
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The design of the residence came from a basic premise: maximum use of land for a huge program. Thus, the strategy was to locate specific areas and vertical circulation in a way that the rest of spaces enjoy extreme flexibility and a wide visual range, taking profit of the structure and volume. The house seems to hover over the street level. The structure is the protagonist. A container rests on two yellow steel beams. This prismatic volume contains the program of the residence on two floors plus a roof garden, while the service and the garage are four feet below street level. The container openings are extremely flexible in the front and back facades, while quite tenuous on the side walls. It is a consequence of the immediate surroundings because the common practice of the neighbors is constructing on the border of their private grounds. Thus, the program is located in the perimeter side providing a more flexible interior space and visual communication in height. Connecting the house from top to bottom, the right wall next to the staircase inside the house offers vertical connections to the exchange of fluids between the four height levels, while providing space for a different event in each. On the garage floor, superior and top terrace, it generates the studio, office and support respectively, while in the main floor a large aquarium turns that wall in a prism. The house was designed by a succession of free horizontal slabs with strategic holes. In these 8×11 meters plans, these holes allow vertical circulation and the entry of zenith light. Besides being a viewpoint to the city, the roof garden contributes to the sustainability of the residence because it helps cooling the area immediately below, the dorms. Sculptural elements emerge from this observation platform disrupting the order, contrasting in chromaticism and formality.