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With the rapid development of modern society, the experience of life is rich and unique. Further, every individual lives in the same environment creates an entirely different life story of their own. Re-Tangle is a visual device with ten sets of lens design. Each set of lens is equipped with special lens and through this lens, the image will presented in a new way – Converting the original simple image to an totally different picture. The theme of pattern section is based on urban lifestyle and the way how to make the image is from the living trace of people tracked by GPS which enables Re-Tagle to portrait the lifestyle of urbanites and takes ten sections of different dimensions of city to be the theme of the pattern. Re-Tangle brings our fascination of structure in recent years out because Re-Tangle makes use of the amazing images in the tube to attract people and moreover, the meaning of the pattern (urban lifestyle) shows the experience between person and group of people which illustrates the symbiotic relationship.

About Designer

Hsiang Wen Chun (Willa Hsiang) | Born in 1988. An award-winning multimedia artist based in Taiwan. Now she is a master student of the department of industrial and commercial design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. Start her studio in 2008, specializing in multimedia art, graphic design, and photography. The golden award and sliver award winner of Prix de la Photographie Paris, the famous photography competition in Europe, and received many international awards and recognitions, including Platinum award from Creativity International Awards, Silver award from International Design Awards (IDA), and project of the year award from National Science Council.