Kia Cerato Catalog

CompanyD&C (Design and Communication)
ClientYong Ho
Designer“Kia Motors, D&C”
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Overview The brochure is designed to promote Cerato, the latest Kia’s sedan, and to deliver its prominent features through computer-generated images in order to facilitate better understanding of the vehicle. The brochure is conceived to express not only design features but also overall product features such as performance, convenience, safety in accordance with the vehicle’s communication slogan “A Gift of True Innovation”. Technical Aspect In respect to large numbers of main images, we intentionally apply perspective angle and tilt-shift photography that emphasize vehicle’s dynamic and futuristic styling. In particular, the brochure is initially introduced by 3D image skill and HDRI (High Dynamic Range Image) photographing to materialize optimal lighting and texture effect. By virtue of composition between 3D processed vehicle image and HDRI background, the customer brochure with 3D image is successfully issued with photo- realistic images. Editorial Design Aspect Basically, the brochure is arranged by a simple layout with “white margin” that clearly show an intuitive visibility for audience. Although simple square-layout is adapted, refined view is optimized without monotonous impression.