T X T Office

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Entry Description

As an architectural / interior design office, we decided to do away with the traditional formal reception and conference rooms and to go more casual. We created a “steel bar” instead of a reception desk at the entrance where guests are be greeted, and casual discussion over coffee can be held. The conference room is now replaced with a “library” with a big sofa, designer chairs, a Gehry cube, a rug, a blackboard, an industrial fan, a plywood book wall, AV system with Apple TV, wire glass screen doors, etc. As the office has collected items discarded from previous project sites, including cinema chairs, acrylic signage, loose furniture, etc., some of these are reused in the office to match with newly purchased items such as pendant light bulbs, an old 70s clock, neon characters, a retro jukebox, etc. together with a beige brick wall, raw pine panelling, graffiti-type graphics, etc. enhancing the entire atmosphere. The rest of the office is generally more basic and pragmatic with bare gypsum board partitions, glass doors, long fluorescent tubes, black carpet tiles, large white desks and black office chairs.