Helix – ‘We’ll Take Care of It’

ClientSteven Anderson
Prize1st Place in Print / Corporate Identity
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Entry Description

In 2011, Smith & Milton were appointed by Helix, owned by the Axa Group, to help them reposition and rebrand the business. Helix is a London-based reinsurance asset collection expert, active since 1995. Since 2005, it has serviced more than 60 US, UK and Continental European cedants and collected in excess of 500 million US dollars of assets on behalf of its clients. After conducting an in-depth strategic review, Helix decided to build on its proven track record and thorough knowledge of the London market and focus its business entirely on providing London-based reinsurance collection services to ceding companies located in the United States, Continental Europe and in the United Kingdom. Smith & Milton conducted a visual and verbal audit of Helix’s current brand and competition and after identifying the market opportunity for Helix, developed an Organising Thought for the business. London is a complex market, but it is one that Helix knows very well. The Organising Thought, ‘We’ll take care of it’, captured their expertise, directness and ability to provide results to reinforce their track record of effectiveness. From this platform, we developed a creative concept, using a beautiful bitch Pointer called Pookie, as a metaphor – demonstrating that they are the smartest retriever of assets trapped in London – along with a series of images of London, shot from a dog’s view point. This creative idea, combined with a premium, bright colour palette and traditional typography came together to create a look and feel and tone of voice that is as unique as Helix’s business. Nancie Vendette, Head of Marketing and Sales said, "The team at Smith & Milton understood exactly where we were coming from and where we were headed. They applied an extremely effective methodology to support us during this process."