ClientNaoki HIRAOKA
Prize1st Place in Interior Design
Entry Description

This is a hotel-like, 39-story high-class apartment complex with 611 households, consisting of lots for sale and rent. It was planned on the vast grounds facing Roppongi Street as a multipurpose redevelopment project. The design concept for the interior is enjoyment of the juxtaposition between the lively atmosphere of Roppongi district and the soothing comfort inside the building. The glamorous black entrance lobby which is suggestive of 'Roppongi' and the soft white entrance lounge were both designed to make a contrast as well as to complement each other. The 4.5-meter-high black stainless-steel entrance lobby doors give a dramatic surprise when opened. The lounge in the lots for sale, where privacy is more respected, has the theme of 'water'. The glittering cascade of water tracing the surface of the wall merges with the aquatic scenery created by a deck extending out to meet the surface of the water to become a healing space, which can be enjoyed exclusively by the residents. A luminous ceiling with crystal patterns leads the people to the apartments. On the other hand the lounge of the entrance lobby in the lots for rent has the theme of 'fire'. The red flame in the central fireplace in the crisp black and white space creates an aura of peace in the cool space created with white marble.

About Designer

Originally established as the interior design department of NIKKEN SEKKEI LTD, Nikken Space Design (NSD) has more than 60 years of experience in the field. As a part of the Nikken group since 1994, NSD now works not only with Nikken Sekkei but is also in partnership with various architects and artists. With 60 highly experienced designers, NSD is currently working on numerous design projects for Japanese and international clients.