Mount Stephen Hotel and Club Complex

ClientMichel Lauzon
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The project involves the revitalization of the Mount Stephen Club located on Drummond Street, in downtown Montreal. In addition to being a designated heritage landmark, the building is a true gem of the 19th century bourgeois architecture. The Mount Stephen Club, designed by architect William Titus Thomas, is classified as a Historical Monument of Quebec and is designated as a National Historic Site by the Government of Canada since 1975. The heritage value of the building lies in its architectural interest. By its opulence and overall integrity, this bourgeois residence is one of the most remarkable in the province. It is, in fact, one of the most sumptuous 19th century interior of Quebec, and its state of preservation is astonishing, as much for its rooms integrity as for its decor. To revitalize the site and reposition Mount Stephen Club in the Montreal’s cultural landscape, the owner plans to build a prestigious 80-room boutique hotel featuring banquet rooms for 500 patrons. With new attributes such as a modern kitchen, an underground parking lot of 96 spaces and diverse amenities such as a spa and a gym, the Mount Stephen Club will continue to greet members of the Montreal business community, and so, for generations. The purpose of our proposal is to present a redevelopment project that does not threaten the architectural integrity and heritage value of Mount Stephen Club, but will rather help highlight its spirit and ensure its survival for future generations. The preservation and expansion of Mount Stephen will generate new urban, architectural and artistic experiences for the city, the Golden Square Mile district and the touristic industry. All this will be performed without compromising the exterior composition of one of the most outstanding historic mansions in Montreal.