Baldessarini - Secret Mission

CompanyPeter Schmidt Atelier
ClientPeter Schmidt
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

After many years of collaboration, Werner Baldessarini asked Peter Schmidt Atelier to create a flacon for his new fragrance "Baldessarini – Secret Mission" which represents the mystical aura and fascinating mysterious charisma of the scent. According to the brand DNA, the design needs to support the strong and masculine identity of the well known Baldessarini slogan "Separates the men from the boys". Inspired by a male Torso, the flacon body stands on a stable socket. Classical art deco elements influenced the design process and are now part of the design language. Dark gun metal refers to masculinity of Baldessarini – Secret Mission. The gaps enable a slight view inside the "Secret Mission", they capture the ambient light to create a mystic and unique atmosphere.