Grundfos SIGMA Waterheater

CompanyDimensional Innovations
ClientStephen Hopkins
Prize1st Place in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Energy Conservation Equipment
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Entry Description

Much of the alternative energy conversation focuses on solar or wind power. However, that dialogue ignores one of the largest potential sources of power: waste heat. Pouring out of building mechanical systems, this heat has tremendous potential to be captured. Instead of allowing it to dissipate, waste heat can be used to save immense amounts of power for buildings without resorting to burning new fossil fuels. Capitalizing on this enormous opportunity to conserve and reuse, the Grundfos SIGMA Waterheater is a sustainable, innovative solution that provides hot water to commercial buildings without burning fossil fuel. This beautifully simple water heater harnesses existing processes to maximize efficiency. It reclaims the building’s own waste heat to produce hot water, thus conserving energy on the cooling side and on the hot water heating side. As water returns, the SIGMA Waterheater pulls the excess heat out of the system, increasing the efficiency of the cooling system while also heating potable water. The design showcases not only a commitment to the environment, but also a truly useful, usable product. Innovative fabric panels lift free of the sides for easy maintenance. Using fabric for casing also reduces the product’s weight by 30 percent, saving energy and monetary costs for shipping. Completely modular, the SIGMA Waterheater was designed to expand. New modules can be seamlessly added as demand increases or buildings grow. iPad controls add to the benefits of the SIGMA Waterheater. Industrial design seamlessly meets interface design with technology-based monitoring and maintenance regulators modeled for ease of use. As we work towards cleaner energy, it is vital to get the most use out of our traditional energy sources. The SIGMA Waterheater assists in bridging this gap while demonstrating the vital role that innovation and efficiency plays in the clean energy equation.