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Sabi, a new health and wellness brand, is bringing high design and functionality to an overlooked market: medication and pill management products. While a wide range of people focus on living healthier lives, from boomers to pregnant women, the products available to them are low quality and poorly designed. Sabi products marry functionality and aesthetics, creating real tools to fit seamlessly within anyone’s life. Our approach has been to base the brand and design work on universal design, meaning the actual executions needed to assess all users needs throughout the design process, especially populations that have special needs. The other unique strategy was to focus on a single problem, but in a holistic manner. The first Sabi line is functionally focused on medicine storage and organization; the 9 products cover the needs of a variety of users, multiple situations. Another differentiating decision was to have each solution seamlessly fit within an active lifestyle. While Sabi helps keep people mindful of their daily rituals, such as taking pills and vitamins, it does not make these the focal point of their day. Because the products are not reminiscent of hospitals or nursing homes, the stigma around such needs is reduced. Finally the designs combine improved functionality with expressive forms that have ergonomic features: the fluting permits easier grip or palming, while the nature inspired texture brings additional tactility. The aqua accent color visually outlines areas of interactions by indicating where to apply pressure or grip. The result is that while being highly functional, the Sabi products are more reminiscent of a lifestyle than one born from need. The innovation and aesthetic beauty infused in each design makes Sabi products stand out among others of its kind. These products are not designed to be hidden in bathroom drawers or bedside tables, but used and displayed proudly.