UP by Jawbone

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UP is a revolutionary system (wristband + app) that tracks your sleep, activity & eating habits and puts that information in the palm of your hand. Unlike many diet, nutrition, fitness or health devices before it, UP creates a comprehensive picture of your health using an innovative design and user-friendly app. With UP, an around the clock, around the wrist app-powered band, healthy living is finally social and fun. The UP wristband was designed to be functional and chic, keeping with the Jawbone design philosophy. Although UP is breaking into a new market, we wanted to ensure the system remained uniquely Jawbone. Designed to be worn at all times, the UP wristband is more than simply a fitness device, but a true lifestyle accessory. With an expressive texture and 7 vibrant color options, users can choose their favorite colors and wear it as they would any other bracelet. To truly integrate it into the users life, the wristband needed to be comfortable to wear. Molded with medical-grade plastic, the band is soft and flexible; with the components housed on the flat top and bottom parts, the sides are free to move with the user as they go about their day. The three different sizes allow each user to find the correct fit, ensuring optimal comfort and success. UP also tells you about yourself, nudges you to do things to improve the way you feel, and connects you with friends and teams to compete and collaborate on health challenges. UP creates suggestions, recommendations and challenges to keep users engaged and excited about building a healthier lifestyle. UP is a unique and ground-breaking system that focuses on holistic health by tracking eating, sleeping and activity patterns and putting that information in the user’s hand. UP’s multi-faceted approach combines engaging interactivity with social elements to create a