The Y

ClientLana Roulhac
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Over the years, the Y became an amazingly vibrant and diverse organization, but its great success and growth also led to a bewildering profusion of identities. The main organizational message and meaning of the Y were obscured; research revealed that most people were not aware of the depth and breadth of the organization's role in society. Many people still thought of the organization as merely a provider of services—such as fitness and swimming lessons—because the Y lacked a clear definition of the central importance it provides to the communities it serves. The foremost signal of the organization’s brand revitalization was the adoption of a nickname for the organization—a recognition of what had already become its de facto name: the Y. The shortened name also subtly signaled a more contemporary sensibility and friendly informality. Around the affable name, we crafted an engaging visual system, incorporating a range of bright color combinations that mirrors the Y's diversity of programs and audiences. The evolved logo transformed what had been all sharp angles and flat geometry into a softly rounded, almost three- dimensional mark that proves to be welcoming and flexible across media. Working closely with the Y, Siegel+Gale created tools and processes to support the brand rollout—including brand architecture and voice messaging guidelines, a brand activation manual, communications templates, signage standards and a brand training program.