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Entry Description

Housed in a former nursery barn, the 110-seat restaurant has been envisioned as a casual, social culinary hub revolving around a central open kitchen with booth and central seating, community dining, and a full bar. This new 7,000 square foot restaurant is part of a three-acre wine, food and agricultural center in St. Helena California, in the heart of Wine Country. The project objective was to create a neighborhood social hub in the valley that would showcase the Client’s ranch product- local wines, olive oils and grass-fed beef as well as heirloom fruits and vegetables, all of which are developed with sustainable organic farming methods. In keeping with this commitment to sustainable practices, the restaurant had to advance a sustainable, green design approach. The Design repurposed the barn and interior cladding was recycled from a historic house renovation on the site. The massive granite wheels of LMR's olive oil press inspired the selection of a rough, granite material for the central wine-focused wine bar. Tree stumps from the property were modified to function as side tables, and cowhides from the ranch's heritage-breed cattle will be used for upholstery. Salvaged hay hooks and chicken feeders from the original farm were fashioned into eye-catching light fixtures for a playful touch. The restaurant embraces the ranch aesthetic with an exterior patio featuring espaliered apple tree ‘screens’ and shade fabric structures with an earthen concrete ‘floor’ with views to adjacent gardens and the surrounding hills.