DesignerMark Ejnes + MOTATOE
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The AboutFaceClock, designed by an architect, hangs on a wall, corner or ceiling and faces any direction….you decide. A standard clock’s placement is normally determined by its form. It’s typically flat against a wall, and needs to be up high in the middle for overall visibility. The AboutFaceClock, however, with its faceted back and sides can be located anywhere in a room and hung at an angle. So, you can decide where you want it to go first - perpendicular on a wall (like a train station clock), tucked in an inside corner, hooked around an outside corner, or below a ceiling or soffit - then face it wherever you’d like. The highly positionable setup comes from a custom mounting bracket designed to hold the clock in place even when it’s cantilevered out at an unconventional angle. And because there are no numerals, the clock can be rotated at 30 degree increments and still work by adjusting the hands or motor. The AboutFaceClock comes in steel or cardboard, and rectangular or round shapes. The steel version is laser-cut from a single sheet of metal, hand-formed and powder coated in White, Solar Yellow or Grey. Four line magnets denote the 12, 3, 6 and 9 hour marks to help orient the face and can be moved for any new clock position. The cardboard version is printed with more than 60 colorful and bold graphics on subjects ranging from Art+Architecture, Food, Sports, Nature, Pop Culture and original artwork too. They’re die-cut from a single sheet of recycled cardboard and hand folded. The graceful angular forms, the straightforward manufacturing, the clever mounting, and the minimal aesthetics, all combine to elevate this functional and ingenious clock into a hanging sculpture, one that casts different shadows for any different position.