Nemours Children's Hospital

CompanyStanley Beaman & Sears
ClientBetsy Beaman
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The alignment of outpatient and inpatient care on each level of a single building, according to each specialty, resulted in the shape and form of the building. For child patients, anxiety of a hospital admission is allayed by prior familiarity with caregivers and the close presence of family members. For family members, comforting amenities and spaces where siblings can play allow uninterrupted attentiveness to the patient. For clinicians, there is seamless cross-training from outpatient and inpatient care that enables a consistent team for visits and inpatient stays, encouraging familiarity and trust between them and the patient and family. The building is highly integrated with its site. Outdoor spaces for relaxation and active play include landscaped rooftop terraces, interactive water features, a discovery garden and an outdoor community stage for live performances. Patient rooms feature colorful, changeable LED lights and can be seen by airport visitors. Service functions, located in the basement, ensure they do not intersect the paths of patients and families. The hospital’s 24-hour visiting policy led to design strategies, including patient rooms with overnight accommodations for parents, laundry, and concierge desk in the lobby of each patient floor. Lounges and playrooms give access to outdoor spaces for respite and active recreation. The 60-acre greenfield site has little vegetation and high water table. In response, a curving ramp raises the entry drive one level, allowing the daylight basement to accommodate service functions. This curving gesture continues through and out the back of the building where it slowly returns to grade. Rainwater drains from rooftops and site into bioswales and retention ponds. Extensive solar studies maximized shaded outdoor spaces and determined the design and placement of shading devices that block direct sunlight, admitting natural light to the interior. This project is on track for LEED Gold certification.

About Designer

A highly collaborative working style allows our award-winning firm to forge creative partnerships with clients in order to achieve breathtaking designs. Beyond beautiful conceptual drawings, we have the technical expertise to ensure that every single detail is constructed with care and precision. Our work has stayed at the forefront of exceptional contemporary design through a commitment to technology, education, and most importantly by employing a very talented group of architects and designers. The depth of talent working on each project, no matter the scale, is outstanding.