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The Le Coffret is a bed and breakfast of charm and design in the heart of Valle d'Aosta. After four years of passionate and knowledgeable restoration, this house from 1779 comes back to life, preserving the atmosphere, which is in perfect harmony with the most sophisticated contemporary comfort. The project was conceived in in absolute respect of the authentic style: so the stone walls, wooden beams and antique furniture are offered to the admiring eyes of the guests and lovers of beauty. Stone, wood, mountains, ancient and modern is what holds the logo designed for the coffret. A circle symbolizing the sky over the triangle which represents the mountain, where the B & B is located, from the idea of the ascent of man into the sky. An Onciale font revised in a modern version (Generatio Uncial) to remember the Celtic origins of the Aostava Valley rightly balances and supports a strong and important symbol to finally obtain a mark that is easy to identify and easily catches the eye. Chambres d’hôtes in dreamers’ sweetest dreams. Here's the pay-off chosen to further strengthen the image of a dream house design ... the dream continues on the website where everything is based on impactful photos. The coordinated visual image is based on uncoated white paper, rubbers and the color silver to remember all the materials and colors of the B & B.

About Designer

My studio specializes in visual communication consultancy for companies and in this we assist the customer at 360 °: logo design, corporate identity, catalogs, brochures, layouts, packaging and web design. I’ve been working as a Graphic Designer for over 20 years, aiming to face every single project by asking: who is the message to be communicated aimed at and how can I reach the end user in the simplest and most immediate way. In fact, the phrase that represents me is: " For all companies who want to keep up with the pace of the world, but attract the gaze of those watching". To achieve this in a society full of visual inputs, it is necessary to strike immediately to be recognized with a few well-directed messages. Creativity is being able to attract attention through the visual message and make people stop, even just for a moment. It’s being remembered! The media we can use nowadays are infinite, but for me "Paper", with its thousand different nuances and appeal to the senses, is still the most effective way: touch, with the use of various embossings, thicknesses or materials; sight, with the various printing technologies; hearing, the sound of the pages turning; and smell, the smell of the ink. In a world where everyone is racing to go faster it’s important to understand how things are being observed and the importance of providing a clear communication and a strong visual impact. Here is the winning approach, adopted over the years for the most diverse clients, who have enabled me to maintain an open mind and that creative freshness needed to guarantee solutions that are never obvious or predictable. Because working every day in different sectors means having one single specialization, that of quality.