Claw Hammer

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Entry Description

Project Description - Claw Hammer The design concept of this range of claw hammers was forged from over 25 years of construction experiences and injuries, like most trades persons experiencing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injuries) the designer was aiming to minimize harmful vibration transfer, decrease unnecessary weight and increase comfort to the user and to provide positive rehabilitation applications to those suffering injury or strain. Our workforce is aging and our skill base is diminishing with every retiring and injured construction crafts person and this trend must be reversed. Too many tools are injuring their users .The design aims to improve grip comfort by increasing contact points, minimizing strain on hand and lower wrist with a more natural inclination of grip angle which is facilitated by the ā€˜Vā€™ shaped thumb/finger groove recess at the lower portion of the grip and the finger grooves. Additional thumb grooves are located at top of grip to provide better control with nail starting and initial nail setting blows. Positive grip tactile patterning provides excellent all weather grip control and air circulation properties for safe accurate controlled swinging of tool. The trussed upper shaft is forward leaning and weighted and designed to minimize unnecessary weight without structural compromise. The head cavity is designed to dissipate vibration, decrease weight and the claw to face smooth top ensures a nail can be extracted without damage to the timber surface. The strike face has a ā€˜Dā€™ shape to enable close quarter nailing and oversize sides to counter over striking. It is anticipated to manufacture in both titanium and stainless steel catering to different price and price options. Both materials can be recycled at end of lifetime. Three different grip styles and shapes cater to wider audience and gender than conventional hand tools