Muse Lamp

Prize1st Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

UNIQUE PROPERTIES / PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The design consists of a luminaire that has a quantity of water that constantly evaporates and condenses within a contained vessel. The condensed droplets of water disturb the surface of the water at regular intervals to alter the quality of light that fills the space. By introducing a quality of 'time' to light, we can give it 'form'. In essence we are able to 'fill up' a given space with 'nothing' (无). It is the expression of the union of 'nihility' and 'fullness'. OPERATION / FLOW / INTERACTION: Polish and care must be taken with the ‘lower vessel’ and the ‘condensation lid’ in order for the light and the effects of the ripples to be fully realized. -The quantity of water to be contained, the wattage of the bulb and the temperature of the installation space will all affect the interval of the condensation droplets; this must be tailored for each installation to customize the ‘mood’ of the space to be created. SPECIFICATIONS / TECHNICAL PROPERTIES: Luminaire type 1: 675mm diameter, 785mm high. Luminaire type 2: 800mm diameter, 135mm high. Both houses a 100 Watt incandescent bulb as the sole source of light and heat.