Fitzgerald Street Housing

CompanyJCY Architects and Urban Designers
ClientLibby Guj
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The project for the Department of Housing, includes 49 affordable and social housing dwellings at 146 Fitzgerald Street Perth. The contemporary mixed-use development provides a variety of low cost affordable housing with a high quality design outcome and a strong community model as a design foundation. The development is located on the Perimeter of Perth’s CBD and represents an ideal location with it’s proximity to Public Transport, local parks, leisure facilities and local shops and services. The layout of the development has been based on the principle of a walking community and includes the establishment of a northern courtyard the length of the site to establish sought after northern orientation for most dwellings. A 3 storey building fronts Fitzgerald Street with commercial tenancies and Single bed dwellings above. An 8 storey tower is located at the rear of the site which consists of both 2 Bed Family Units as well as 2 Bed Aged Person units. The remainder of the units are located on the South side of the lot within 3 and 4 storey buildings. The Dwellings have been designed to respond to the conditions of the local climate and have been orientated to maximise sustainable living solutions, including passive solar heating, cooling, cross-ventilation and day lighting strategies. Most of the units enjoy extremely good cross-ventilation with dual roof. The dwellings have exposed concrete ceilings and concrete (AFS) walls which will help provide thermal stability, which in turn helps in the heating and cooling of the Dwellings. The development has been constructed with a simple palette of materials and colours to provide a fresh modern appearance. Solar shade screens and privacy screens to the balconies and courtyards are perforated aluminium with a simple pattern throughout developed with Public Artists ‘Concreto’. The skillion roofs are mostly screened with a low parapet wall.