Rockaway Beach Park Structures

CompanyWXY Architecture + Urban Design
DesignerWXY Principals: Claire Weisz, Mark Yoes, Layng Pew. WXY Designers: Adriel Mesznik, Jamie Silvestro, Robert Berry. Collaborators: Quennell, Rothschild & Partners.
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Rockaway Beach Park, WXY’s first beachfront park, was created by community advocacy, with funding for five special New York City parks envisioned by PlaNYC. WXY developed the Masterplan in collaboration with QRP Landscape Architects. The site is composed of 28 acres of new and existing park along the Rockaway beachfront. The master plan created opportunities for three new beach amenities that needed unique structures: a new comfort station, a stage structure for a performance lawn, and a shade structure for a boardwalk overlook. These structures, designed by WXY, are located along primary paths that link the neighborhood to the boardwalk, with each situated to interact effectively with the landscape. Inspired by imagery of beach-going New Yorkers enjoying the Rockaways, WXY developed an engaging vocabulary of forms reminiscent of parasols, gull wings, and fabric flapping in the wind to give a strong identity to these new gathering places. This formal innovation required WXY to successfully address stringent guidelines relating to functionality and durability. Rockaway Beach Park opened in the summer of 2012. WXY continues to work in the area relating to the master plan - a visitors center for the adjacent Arverne East Nature Preserve is currently in the design stage.