Liverpool Interlomas Department Store

CompanyFRCH Design Worldwide
ClientYoung Rok Park
DesignerJim Lazzari Chief Architectural Officer Young Rok Park Vice President, Creative Director HeeSun Kim Vice President, Creative Director Rob Carey Senior Designer Claudia Cerchiara Vice President, Project Manage Joe Brumback BIM Manager Brad Kalchek BIM Manager Jonathan Wood BIM Manager Annie Fugazzi BIM Coordinator Deb Casey Senior Professional, Planning and Merchandising Lori Kolthoff Director, Resource Design Jennifer Eng Senior Resource Design
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Servicios Liverpool appealed for construction of a new flagship department store in the northern suburb of Interlomas, located on the outskirts of Mexico City. The team’s mission was to create a new store interior concept and exterior design and development of an urban park and new gourmet concept area in the roof top level of the building, FRCH’s responsibility was to create the new prototype interior for the four-level, full-line department store. As shopping centers are often a magnet for social encounters and culture exchanges, FRCH strived to achieve a flagship department store that would represent a social center for Interlomas and create great shopping experiences for customers and visitors alike.