Frohne Micro SD+

Prize2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / Phone and Other Communications Technology
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Micro SD+ is used in smartphones and portable gaming devices. With the adapter, Micro SD+ transforms so it's compatible like an SD card for computer tablets, voice recorders, cameras, and other multimedia devices. The memory connector is dust resistant, extreme temperature resistant, rust resistant, shock resistant, salt & fresh water resistant, alcohol resistant, scratch resistant, airport security resistant, and electromagnetic resistant. The metric ruler is used by students, doctors, chefs, engineers, scientists, industrial designers, and other professionals to accurately measure their small projects

About Designer

I was born in Saint Pete-Florida, USA in 1985 I am a student at the University of South Florida where I want to do my PhD program after I complete my Bachelor degree. I designed the world's first USB that measures length with a centimeter and millimeter ruler which is laser engraved the eClip and Florida Key. I have experience with designs and have also created the world's first 3D virtual art exhibition for my consumer electronics company. I currently want to expand my consumer electronics company by making unique, innovative, and high quality products at an affordable price for the consumer.

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