DesignerMichiya Tsukano
Prize3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Conceptual
Entry Description

This house was planned in the mountains at Nara prefecture. The south side of the house place is connecting with the gentle slopes, we can see green valleys under us without any concern of people eyes. The client is a married couple having one child. They wanted to house that "living" by physically itself linked directly to the atmosphere, with fostering their kids. So, they planned the house which was pulled out from the mountain, as the solid blocks. The pulled out land exposes the soil surface on the top of the land, it includes the buds of the plants as well as life of the insects in the walls.

About Designer

1981: Born in Miyazaki, Japan 1999-2003: Bachelor of Architecture from the Kinki University 2003-2005: Master of Architecture from the Kinki University 2005-2008: Kubota Architect Atelier / Yamaguchi 2008- : Doctor of Architecture from the Hiroshima University 2010- : Established Tsukano Architect Office