Island Resort

Entry Description

The creative use of unique color tones and materials is also just as important as spatial and planning. The owner of the house is a young couple, who has a particular fondness for modern concise design. And taking the habits and hobbies of the elders and the children into children into consideration, the designer develops his design based on the modern fashion and uses materials of high value and sense of the times, such as, oaken, stainless steel, gray mirror and cultured stone to show the magnification and stylish side of the space. Built with oaken sticks, the folding screen is embedded with a marble panel on the half-waist part. Together with the metal animal sculptures displayed above, it adds a noblest pattern to the entrance. On the either hand, the crisscross of solid and hollow stripes separates the living room from the hallway as well as keeps the vision circulative in the hallway. Another tempting design focus is the ceiling of the hallway, with descending light trough in the middle, matched with stripes. When the lights are turned on a strong sense of multi levels is generated right away. Lights shining upwards around the light trough higher up the house visually. Walking into the living room with the guidance of the light through, you can see the decorative element of stripes is continued here. Crossing over the hallway and the TV cabinet, the main wall is decorated with horizontal stainless steel. In contrast, shoe case against the wall is made of vertical stainless steel to create a subtle visual change. To bring out the stylish concise space style, there are not much decorative elements for the audio-visual cabinet which is designed as a short cabinet with gray mirror surface and vertical stripes, forming a contrast with the white wall.

About Designer

Mr. Tony Cheng, our Design Director, established Icon Interior Design Limited in 2005. His outstanding works have won many professional awards and recognition within the industry. Tony is noted for his contemporary style, and skills in harmonizing the east-west culture and capturing the essence of classic art. With techniques supporting design, he tactfully utilizes the dimensional depth, layers and focus to enhance the visual space and functionality. Regarding each client’s requirement and preferences, he creates personalized home with coherence, high quality, and renewed experience of love and home; with your loved ones, in your beloved home.