Prize3rd Place in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

Hamborghini is my fictional concept restuarant. I understand that people enjoy Nascar racing, betting and food so why not conceptualize a restaurant that combines all three ideas? Hamborghini is a pop-up restaurant located anywhere there is a Nascar race. Each burger on the menu represents a driver on the day of the event. So the menu changes from race to race. Here's the catch, the price of the burgers depend on the place of the driver during the race. This makes Hamborghini an exhilarating place where people can wager on their favorite driver's burger. Car racing has been around for a long time; knowing this, I had some freedom to choose a time period I wanted to execute for my project. I thoroughly enjoy classic cars and vintage diners so I approached this project with a modern vintage take on racing. My logo is the combination of a steering wheel and a hamburger which, I believed to be the perfect equation for Hamborghini's logo. In addition, I used the idea of vintage car pin-striping and classic bright colors to drive the design of my concept.