Repulse Bay Duplex

DesignerKelly Lo
Entry Description

This 3,700 sq. ft Duplex sits within a private residential project, adjacent to the beautiful Repulse Bay beach cove in Hong Kong. The interior was inspired by “Sunsets over the Pacific” and quite subtle in its material choices, textures and colors so it wouldn’t dominate the stunning natural view outside. Without overt gestures of opulence, the design is a sumptuous extension of the exterior landscape. Elements from the natural ocean view were brought from the outside to the interior. To suggest the shimmery gloss of the ocean surface, statement pieces such as blown glass lamps and area rugs of wool and silk in the complementary color scheme of deep oranges and indigo were arranged in a neutral setting among understated fabrics like linen and an assorted variety of woods in satin-matt finishes. Mica shell details inlaid into cabinets and the carpet in the Master Bedroom emulate the pattern and luster of soft rolling waves. Throughout, the furniture selected was all quite small in scale, low backed with strong horizontal lines to give the illusion that the 8’ space is taller than it is. This horizontality in the furniture and in other areas like the stairwell banister was consciously chosen/designed to reference the streamlined aesthetic of yachts. Similarly colored materials such as natural ash planks and Spanish limestone were blended seamlessly into one another as can be seen in the living room to give the illusion of an extended horizontal space. Strategically positioned mirrors were also used to help bring extra light and ocean imagery into areas without windows. The resulting seaside residence adapts and incorporates the beauty of its surrounding environment into the interior to provide its owners with an understated yet luxurious retreat.