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Entry Description

GoGo squeeZ is a young company producing squeezable applesauce. In their expanded office space, the client sought to create a fun, approachable, open environment in line with their branding. Architecture and identity was pushed through material and informal-formal meeting spaces. The application of a spine in this project scales down to a storage-full ‘Playwall’ complete with felt shape cut outs referencing the youth of many GoGo SqeeZ consumers. The client felt strongly that an open office was vital for light and promoting democracy within the company. Luca Andrisani Architects was able to combine branding with the occasional need for productive privacy: pixelated apple trees screen floating meeting rooms called pods while logo-perforated felt panels slide on glass perimeter conference rooms.

About Designer

Founded in 2007 by Luca Andrisani, Luca Andrisani Architect represents a new generation of architects with an artistic interest in the craft and juxtaposition of timeless, unconventional, and cutting edge materials. The firm's conceptually designed environments balance intrigue with sustainable function and beauty. With a strong belief in listening as a guiding principle, Luca Andrisani Architect works with clients on projects of all scales and scopes to offer innovative solutions tailored to each individual project.

Awards and Prize

The firm has won numerous awards including three International Design Awards, a Merit Award by Interior Design Best of Year and was named an Emerging Architect by Architecture Record. The work of Luca Andrisani Architect has been featured in media and press venues including New York Magazine, Interior Design, Architectural Record, Metropolitan Home, Interiors, Interni, Daily News, Design & Display Ideas, and DLux.