Weiss Residence

CompanyDahlin Group Architecture Planning
ClientMario Aiello
DesignerMario Aiello & Karl Danielson
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Entry Description

Inspired by the rural buildings of Napa Valley, this collection of sheds and gable structures create home, gallery, and studio. Pulling the structures apart created galleries for the owner’s extensive art collection, while framing vineyard view. Floor-to-ceiling glazing and exterior materials protruding into interior spaces blur interior boundaries. The stone wall starts as a backdrop at the auto court and travels through the building; it provides both an anchor and visual contrast to the interior display walls. The wine tower, constructed of 18” thick insulated walls, is a simple 3-story staircase bordered by a 3,000 bottle collection and ending at the observation deck. The deck, complete with refrigerator, music system and elevated views, offers a unique wine experience. Low e-glazing, insulation and sun-control shading systems maintain interior temperatures. Pedestal-mounted solar panels track the sun and provide energy for radiant floor heating and electrical needs.