CECP: Magnifying Impact

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CECP was founded in 1998 by actor/philanthropist Paul Newman and a group of influential business leaders with the mission of encouraging corporate giving. By bringing together senior executives from the world’s leading companies, CECP aimed to help them co-develop answers to the most pressing societal challenges. Over the course of 15 years, the small collective became a widely-respected platform—but there was room, still, to grow. FutureBrand worked with CECP to reshape its charter and make it more relevant to the next generation of global leaders. Our goal was to help this visionary organization find renewed prominence in the growing blur of philanthropic terms, groups and causes. In order to remain top of mind and make a more lasting impact, the organization needed to clarify how it was different and inspire active participation from over-solicited Fortune 500 CEOs. It was clear that CECP wouldn’t differentiate itself in the near-term by focusing on a single cause or competing with organizations that did. Instead, FutureBrand helped the group define a new role for itself within the sphere of corporate social investments—and by extension, a new role for the business leaders who champion their causes. CECP could become a platform in which the collective power of companies’ knowledge, influence and investments was magnified in visible, trackable ways. FutureBrand brought this insight to life by reimagining the separate but complementary experiences of CEOs and CGOs by developing a new suite of inspiring visual tools and messages tailored to each experience. The cornerstone of this work is a new brandmark, which transforms the organization’s image as a static endorsement to that of a dynamic, multiplying force. As a result of this work, CECP can claim its role as a longer lever for its change efforts, made possible through the peer-driven participation of member organizations.