Fishing For Ink

DesignerBob Derksen, Robbert Smit, Melina de Cock
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Inspired by Nature, why print with normal ink when you can use renewable, natural sources, was the thought behind 'Fishing for ink' (Naar Inkt Vissen in Dutch). Something smells fishy. A book of sailors’ stories printed with squid ink.The 48-page book, containing nautical stories by writers Menno Smit and Edwin de Voigt. They let us take all the ink from the squid at the fish auction in Scheveningen (Dutch harbour). We managed to get two litres of pure ink, enough for the entire production. Everything was done by hand and we used almost every craft we could think of. We silkscreened each book by hand, for eight days non stop. The books are bound with a Japanese knot (original fishing rope) which came with it’s own issues. The book contains 20 sailer poetry stories. Menno Smit en Edwin de Voigt from Rotterdam – authors and for the occasion seadogs – wrote twenty stories which should be taken with a huge grain of salt. For example about the ladies Ans, Jo and Vis (An, Cho and Vy), about seafood and about a rorqual sharp as a shark.

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