The Funeral Hall Constructed in Mukonoso

Companyeleven nine interior design office
ClientTakeshi Nagata
DesignerTM ARCH Co., Ltd. Jun Wakamatsu / Modulex Inc. Kazuyuki Tanaka
Prize1st Place in Other Architectural Designs / Other Architectural designs
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Entry Description

- Curtains - A large, white hanging curtain floats slowly and quietly. The wall that lines up its streamline form stands there with a grand appearance. Cut off from the sceneries of the busy city, its interior is protected and is filled with gentle light. This building uses a design that is an abstraction of a large spread “Manmaku”. A Manmaku is a large partition made with cloths that has been used in Japan since the past. The large cloth is stretched out sideways to enclose a specific place, and various rituals are performed inside. We have come up with a funeral hall like a Manmaku, where a sense of purity can be felt in a solemn atmosphere. The exterior is white, which expresses purity. With this we have made it possible to be used by people of various religions as well as people with no religious beliefs with free interpretations. Also, by taking the taper to the end of the outer wall, it appears as cloth from the outside, and has been made so it seems as if being swathed by a thick three-dimensional wall. Through this it is possible to feel a sense comfort, calmness, and security when inside. The walls that line up streamline forms are like dense clouds. Natural light gently spreads out from the bottom glass section as if it was coming through the clouds, and the space is filled with a soft atmosphere. In the evenings on the other hand, a stable program can be proceeded with through light controls that adjust to the progress of the funeral. The PLAN has the reception, ceremony hall, and waiting room for religious people on the first floor, and the second floor is mainly the preparation room. We wish for everyone to be able to spend a peaceful moment here.