Design to Renourish

DesignerYvette Perullo
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The designer is at the heart of many decision-making processes and plays a large role in a project’s impact. In this interaction, the designer is shown surrounded by the elements of the Quadruple Bottom Line – economy, ecology, society, and culture. The circles radiating from each element and sub-element overlap with transparencies to convey the idea that everything is interconnected to various degrees. The inner circle closest to the designer represents the processes which are integral to the entire system. These processes include disposal or end of life considerations, materials sourcing and use, transportation issues, materials manufacturing and vendor practices. The initial view of the graphic is displayed with only the main elements visible. These elements are clickable buttons which zoom in to the page to display additional information and graphics. As the user interacts with the design, more information is generated, allowing the user to “build” the finished graphic through discovery

About Designer

Yvette Perullo is an award-winning designer and Partner at, an independent online toolkit for sustainable visual communication design. Since its launch in 2008, Re-nourish has received international recognition, including the Communicator Award of Excellence for an Activist Website and finishing as a top-three finalist out of over 3,500 entries in the 2009 Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum People’s Design Award. Yvette is currently researching and teaching design courses at Purdue University. She is working towards her ultimate goal of teaching sustainable design at the college level—helping to integrate sustainable systems thinking into the foundation of visual communications design education. Prior to attending Purdue University, Yvette earned a master’s degree in Graphic Design from the New England School of Art & Design at Suffolk University in Boston where her graduate thesis focused on developing tools and resources to encourage sustainable design practices.