BRIGGO Coffee Haus

DesignerYves Behar & fuseproject
Prize2nd Place in Other Products Designs / Other Products designs
Entry Description

Briggo and fuseproject partnered on the idea of a new experience of coffee - one that is highly convenient by allowing users to order remotely and pick-up quickly, but also one that is highly customized to a person’s taste preferences. This breakthrough is the brainchild of technologist Charles Studor, who has been focused on an automatic and convenient way to deliver the best artisan coffees. Technology plays an important role in Briggo’s ability to deliver a customer’s favorite coffee drink in a repeatable, high quality, no compromise experience. The Coffee Haus combines smartphone control and precision robotic technology with the best in artisan coffee to revolutionize the coffee experience. It is important for the design to turn Briggo into a destination rather than a thing. We named it Coffee Haus and designed it to look, smell, and feel like a coffee shop. We designed the Digital Experience so that it spans the web, smart phone app, and kiosk, and all are functionally and visually connected to the industrial design of the 4 x 12 x 8 Coffee Haus. The digital touch points: web, app, and kiosk are optimized for individual platforms, and the experience is designed so you can quickly build your beverage – a literal experience of adding ingredients that allows users to choose exactly how they want their coffee. Compared to a traditional ordering experience, the Briggo app is easy and fast. You can even schedule the exact time your coffee will be ready. Translation: no more lines! Once you have your coffee, you can provide feedback via the app or the web and keep adjusting your coffee until you get the perfect cup.